“Thomas Laird’s 2006 book, The Story of Tibet, in which the author gets the Dalai Lama to travel through the whole of Tibetan history from his perspective, already seems to me one of the essential and irreplaceable books in the field, and allows one to hear and feel the Dalai Lama’s particular voice with unique immediacy.”

– Pico Iyer, Author, writing in, “The Open Road”

“Thomas Laird’s lively conversations with His Holiness the Dalai Lama about the history and mythology of Tibet couldn’t come at a better moment, as China stubbornly persists in negating the distinctive Tibetan identity. The honesty, subtlety, and complexity of His Holiness’ thoughts on these crucial matters comes through in these fascinating dialogues. Everyone who cares about Tibet, or about a stable peace in Asia, should read this amazing account.”

– Robert Thurman, author of Inner Revolution, Professor of Buddhist studies, Columbia University

“The 14th Dalai Lama’s fresh account of Tibetan myth and history, as shared at Dharamsala over a three year period with Thomas Laird, is wonderful instruction and a great true pleasure, not less so because of the small informal moments that clarify these encounters with that delightful Buddha being who manifests in the beleaguered public figure of His Holiness.”

– Peter Matthiessen, author The Snow Leopard, National Book Award winner.

The Story of Tibet by Thomas Laird